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Our Team

BARRI CHASE, Producer/Writer/Director
Barri has made many short films and music videos. She brings years of experience from the fashion, beauty and fine art photography industries, to carefully create and shape each scene. Her film HAND OF THE EARTH, won 5 festival awards including: best director, best in category, best editor, best sound design and best visual effects. Barri’s music video WEATHER, WHETHER is a great example of her directing style and aesthetic talents. Her next feature film is called Coyote Howls and will star Adam Beach.

MONICA ANSELL, 1st Assistant Director
Monica studied film at the Scottsdale Community College Film School in 2009. Since then Monica has worked on a variety of productions from music videos to commercials and short films. From 2010 – 2011 Monica worked as assistant director on the award winning projects Nocturnal Emission and Hand of the Earth. She has continued her AD experience working on commercials for The Conservatory of Recording Arts in Phoenix, Arizona and Los Angeles, California and the non-profit organization Color of Change.

RON INTERPRETER, Executive Producer
Synergistic and Conscientious nature of being both professional and amiable, Ron has business experience in building consensus and implementing solutions. Ron is results driven and solution oriented relating to Marketing, Professional development, Customer Retention, Cultural Competency, and Strategic Planning.. Ron strives to assist groups and individuals to effective align limited resources to ensure innovative solutions, without sacrificing the corporate culture and client relations. Ron Interpreter is a member of the Navajo Nation, with maternal relations of the “White Streak in a Rock” of the San Carlos Apache Tribe, and parental relations of the “Many Goats” Clan of the Navajo Tribe. Ron is originally from the community of Forest Lake, located on Black Mesa. A father to three beautiful children (Amanda, Brent and Roan), Ron currently resides operates his consulting business i-solutions LLC in Phoenix, Arizona.

ALAN and LARONNICA DENDINGER, Production Designers
This husband and wife team has worked on numerous short films, music videos, commercials, as well as a soon to be released feature. Their passion is art. To create a world for the actors to live in, to accent the frame for the cinematographer, to bring the writer’s words and director’s vision together for the audience to share, is their goal.

HAILEY PETERSON, Production Manager
Hailey is the one who does all the unglamorous and tedious paperwork of the film. Because someone has to…

Tommy Schaeffer graduated from Lehigh University with degrees in both Mechanical Engineering and Theatrical Production & Design. In addition to that formal education, he has also studied music composition, film production, acting and improvisation. Tommy is driven by his passion for music, film, and performance with unwavering attention to detail to produce high-quality audio both on-location and in the studio. He couples strong artistic talents with acute technical skills to be a highly diversified production engineer. He has been regularly working as an audio engineer in Phoenix since 2008 and has credits for location audio, post-production studio mixing/mastering, original music composition and live performance mixing. Learn more:

STEPHEN NEBGEN, Legal & Business Affairs
Mr. Nebgen has been practicing entertainment law for close to twenty (20) years and been involved in the entertainment industry for close to forty (40) years. His clients include film, television and theatre companies, actors/actresses, musicians and many authors and painters. He counsels clients regarding business formation, intellectual property matters in copyright and trademarks, contract negotiations, and other corporate law matters. Stephen has also been called as an “expert witness” regarding entertainment issues in various litigation matters.

Mr. Nebgen is a producer with credits in film television, theatre and music. As a producer, among other credits, Stephen was the General Manager at The Lambs Theatre located at 44th Street and Broadway, in New York City. Stephen also produced such prominent Off-Broadway plays as the 20th Anniversary Revival of “Fortune and Men’s Eyes” and “Bert See’s The Light”, which featured Jack Black in his New York theatre debut.

AJ YOUNG, Director of Photography
His first job was working at a movie theatre back when theaters still projected on 35mm. AJ Young worked as a projectionist for five years before attending Columbia College in Chicago full time to earn his Bachelors in Cinematography. From the get go, AJ knew the classroom was not enough to learn his craft; nothing beat the education of working of on a professional set.

Having been trained on film, AJ interned, crewed and eventually shot numerous projects. Since then he has shot multiple features, short films and countless new media projects. Notable works include award winning Gadget, Stygian, The Gun Equation and the highly anticipated feature releasing June 20th, The Watchman’s Canoe.

AJ’s desire to explore the rise en scene of each film has developed a unique style and look to the stories he tells. Disciplined in the art of brevity, he never forgets the importance of simplicity in coverage, lighting and scheduling. He combines these factors together as his creative voice on a film. Barri and AJ have worked together on multiple projects since meeting in cinematography classes at SCC. They are excited to work together again on Coyote Howls. Their combined experience makes them a strong Director/Cinematography team in the business of storytelling through film.

Brian hails from the East Coast with 20 years experience in the entertainment industry. He brings his heart and soul to every project. Besides his creativity as an editor, he has a deep technical knowledge valuable to any and all types of projects. On top of being a working professional in the industry, he makes the time to work in the land of academia, guiding young filmmakers so they too can bring their dreams to fruition. He currently resides in Los Angeles.

MATTHEW BARTON, Assistant Editor
Matt discovered his love for editing in high school when he took a class called Communications for the 21st Century, from that point on he knew he wanted to pursue editing as a career. After graduating from Film School in 2011, he started his career working on a national airing documentary series chronicling the sport of 3 Gun. Since then he has had the opportunity to work with a number of award winning editors and producers. Matt is fascinated with the art of editing, and loves to bring a director’s vision to life through collaboration and creative storytelling.

EVFA CERISES, Media and Development
Evfa got her start in film and TV when she was three, on The Art Linkletter Show, “Kids Say The Darnedest Things.” Later she studied make up and special effects in LA, and worked on various television and indie films, and also did print work for photographers. She has Produced and been a First AD on over 30 short films. She is currently the Producer of Media and Development for Light Dancing Productions.

JUSTIN MACDUFF, Print/Web Branding
Justin runs his business Macduff Design from his home-office in Lakeside, OR. Trust and fearlessness is key to his creative process, he’s not risky, but strives to be thrilling! Creativity is the adventure.

JILL EDWARDS, Social Media
Jill Edwards got involved when her youngest son, Carter Jon, showed an interest in acting. After finding herself on set often, she decided that she wanted to become more involved. Her posts about her sons involvements in certain projects were passionate and ultimately led her to discover a new talent as a social media representative for her son’s most recent project, The Watchman’s Canoe. During the time she isn’t working alongside Carter Jon, she travels around Oregon with her husband Nick, visiting her three other children, camping, and enjoying adventures with her family. She looks forward to her involvement in this next project, Coyote Howls.

CHRIS KELLEY, Hair and Makeup Designer
Chris Kelley is an established makeup artist and hairstylist from the Washington DC area. She started out as a hairdresser and found her way into music videos, thus fell in love with being on set. She then packed her things and moved to LA to learn from the best in every genre of makeup, special effects, wig work and period styling which finally, with her passion and talent opened the door to film work and loves it! Thus has been traveling the country working in production ever since as well as working behind the chair catering to her clients when she can. Learn more:

Owner/Operator of Pirate Grip & Electric based out of Phoenix, AZ since 2004. Jarrod works both as a Key Grip & Gaffer on feature & short films, commercials, corporate videos, sports related events, & on still photography shoots. His passion is in the narrative film world & loves the challenge of traveling to new places & making a script come to life!